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5 Tips for the Best Lazy Day EVER!

Ahhh…the elusive lazy day characterized by a lack of care, responsibility, and time management. You finally have a lazy day to waste away carelessly. Now what?

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Lazy Woman’s Guide to Survival: Ultimate Hair Treatment with Coconut Oil

Make wash day less stressful with the ultimate hair treatment! Coconut oil will gently lift flaky scalp buildup while penetrating the hair shaft, aiding in detangling, and leaving your mane manageable, soft, and shiny. Happy scalp, happy hair!

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Lazy Woman’s Guide to Survival: D.I.Y. Pizza

The Modern Lazy Woman. She resides within us all. Even the rare superwoman concealed in the guise of wife, mother, professional, volunteer, and/or student has a lazy woman residing within her. And that’s okay. Women wear many, many hats. The lazy woman hat is the easiest and most comfortable to wear, and it looks good… Continue reading Lazy Woman’s Guide to Survival: D.I.Y. Pizza