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I was Natural Before “Natural” was a Thing…

Every natural has a journey. My journey began before there were journies, before “natural” was a thing, and before the natural hair movement. Back the natural hair was simple…I miss natural hair when it was simple.

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Operation Weekend 1.0: Mission Complete

My sister and I had plans for the weekend. The plan was to go to the Caribbean Celebration at the Embassy of the Bahamas in Washington D.C., eat good food, drink to our health, dance, and sleep. For Amber, this meant escaping her cozy, comfortable apartment to explore the hustle and bustle of night life… Continue reading Operation Weekend 1.0: Mission Complete

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Know What Rhymes with Friday? Wine.

For those of us working traditional Monday through Friday, 9-5 jobs….we’ve made it. We survived a week of repetitive tasks, masking our true identities, and concealing our real reactions. So now, my Prims, its time to unwind, relax, and let loose. So here are the top 5 things I hope to accomplish within the next 48 hours and I… Continue reading Know What Rhymes with Friday? Wine.