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I Stopped Using Shampoo and THIS is what happened!

I’m over it.

Being a member of the ever-expanding “Natural Hair Community”, I am down for a glorious fro, a heavenly twist out, a bomb ass braid out, and an edge-sparing, natural-looking, growth-maximizing protective style. But damn, natural hair has become unnecessarily complicated.

After over a decade of being a carefree natural followed by 5 years of being a proper natural, I’m tired. I can remember unpacking a box of hair products after moving and thinking, “Whew, fewer items I need to  buy.” After a few months of caring for 4 natural heads of hair, my supply of hair products began to lessen. And it was at this moment that I’d decided  I had enough. No more shipments  from Shea Moisture (although I really miss the Super Fruit Complex line), no more driving from Target to Target or Wal-Mart to Walmart hoping to find one with an impressive “ethnic” hair section, no more stalking Walgreen’s for their elusive BOGO sales. No more….

So I did what being natural over the last 5 or so years has taught me, I Googled natural hair care methods for natural hair and do-it-yourself products. I’ve always been interested in aloe vera, but never knew how to add it into a hair care regime packed with store-bought hair products. After realizing all of the amazing properties aloe vera has, one day I decided, “What the heck, let’s just use aloe vera gel and juice for wash day.” Something magical happened….

Less Hair Loss

Using aloe vera gel as a pre-poo has amazing results. 

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