Journal Entries · Life

August 7th – Time for Change

One day when large groups of people were walking along with him, Jesus turned and told them, “Anyone who comes to me but refuses to let go of father, mother, spouse, children, brothers, sisters — yes, even one’s own self! — can’t be my disciple. Anyone who won’t shoulder his own cross and follow behind me can’t be my disciple.”

Luke 14;25-27 MSG


Hello God…It’s me. I acknowledge and look to Your strength today to overcome.

The love I have for those I care about often results in me sharing or carrying their burdens while being solely responsible for my own. I have to be a mother, a wife,  a professional, a student, a confidant, and therapist, and still be responsible for carrying duffel bags of damaging secrets over hurdles of hurtful truths. While this does and will make me stronger, wiser, kinder, I very seldom pursue God in the midst of my trials. I forget that I have a friend, a confidant, an ally in Him. So from now on, I will look to Him daily for strength and guidance. Through Him, the work I wish to accomplish, that I will accomplish, will be greater and more purposeful!

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