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Popping Curl Gel

Since my last post, I’ve been making my own curl gel which I absolutely adore!! Popping Curl Gel is super simple to use as a styler on natural hair and consists of 99% natural ingredients. I’ve used this on my 4b-4c hair, my daughter’s 3c-4b hair, and my son’s locs with amazing results.

This item is available in two amazing scents — Citrus Medley and Jasmine Flower Bomb. Both are made of flax seed gel, moisturizing oils, aromatic essential oils, and honey for hold with a safe and FDA-approved preservative for longevity. While both share similar ingredients, Jasmine Flower Bomb has a little more honey for more hold.


The curls I’ve achieved from braid outs using this product can only be described as those you’ll achieve from a wash and go, but without the messy products and in way less time. As a matter of fact, I achieved these curls with water (sometimes aloe vera juice), a little oil, and Popping Curl Gel….that’s it!!


I’m in the beginning stages of creating the perfect product — although Popping Curl Gel seems pretty magical already. If you would like to try it for yourself, visit my Etsy Shop to purchase. Feel free to ask any questions, make suggestions, and tag Prim & Prissy in your pictures of  your glorious crown of curls!

You can also find me on Facebook and unfiltered on Twitter and Snapchat (primandprissy)!

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