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5 Tips for the Best Lazy Day EVER!

Ahhh…the elusive lazy day characterized by a lack of care, responsibility, and time management. You finally have a lazy day to waste away carelessly. Now what?

dtntpjbapsdmkThere are two ways to spend a lazy day ⎯ being unapologetically lazy or lazily completing random and seemingly unimportant tasks and errands with no regards to time, deadlines, and responsibilities. For me the choice depends solely on the season and weather. Obviously colder temperatures and unfriendly forecasts are conducive to binging on reruns, movies, television marathons, and naps. However, beautiful, pleasant days with chirping birds and fresh outdoor scents can be inviting and energizing.

For those of us blessed to come across the ever-elusive lazy day, here are some tips and ideas to make the best of it…while maintaining your “lazy” status, that is.

Allow your internal alarm clock to wake you.

For some, dream and reality begin to blur causing one to gradually wake. For others, there’s a sudden and abrupt end to sleep causing one to spring awake like some sort of Jack-in-the-box. These are internal alarm clocks. Opt to use your own over you cell’s.

Lay in the bed until you are internally motivated.

11s7ke7jcnxchsNow that you’re awake, grab a notebook off of the nightstand and doodle, watch morning cartoons or news, read a book, or meditate, but do not leave the comfort of your bed without being internally motivated to do so (i.e. need to eat, brush teeth, or use bathroom). The idea of a lazy day is to be, well, lazy. No need in jumping up, grabbing breakfast, and dashing out of the house. Take your time, there’s no rush.

Do something or some things you love.

If running, cycling, or playing basketball is your thing, do it. Love to read, write, or create? Do it. Love to shop, dine, or watch movies? Do it. Whatever makes you happy, be like Nike and just do it. With increasingly longer work days, finding one’s passion and enjoying it is difficult. Now that you have a lazy day, make the most of it by doing something you love.

Enjoy Nature.

Nature can sebbixhhp9ldmcurve as a calming stress reliever or even an antidepressant. No matter the weather, you can always enjoy the outdoors. Open the blinds to invite sunshine and the colors of nature into your home. Watch the leaves and blades of grass dance in the winds. Open the windows and invite the songs of birds, insects, and the giggles and laughter of kids into your space. Listen to the rustling of the leaves or the crackling of lightening. Smell the scents of flagrant flowers and fruits, of the sea-scented winds, of rain. Go outside, sit on the porch, walk around the neighborhood, drive with the windows down, enjoy nature.


mvzkidjmb1xesProp your feet up, pop a bag of popcorn, and watch a Martin marathon, laugh at Modern Family, investigate with Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler, or watch an entire season of Nikita on Netflix. Gamer? Rule your own world on Sims, attend to your crops and animals on FarmVille, or dominate the court on NBA2K15. Whatever relaxes you and provides an escape from your daily life, do so abundantly.

What is your favorite way to spend a lazy day?

6 thoughts on “5 Tips for the Best Lazy Day EVER!

  1. Haaa the Michael Jackson gif cracked me up! I think lazy days are a necessity. Even if I have tasks to complete on said lazy days, I like to do them in when I’m ready (and usually in my pajamas).

    Loved this! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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