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31 Days of What Marriage Is

May is a month full of reminders for me and Jai. We met May 23, 2008 while I was working at Macy’s. He says my afro puff and the thick nursing book I studied were intriguing enough to stop him in his tracks. We chatted for what seemed like an hour before partings ways. We kept in touch the whole summer while he was in OCS and met again in August after he graduated from OCS and “dated”. By November we were engaged. Fast forward to May 08, 2009 and we are married! A year later, May 10, 2010, we celebrated our first year anniversary by finding out we were pregnant with our son, Camar, and walking down aisle. The following year, May 2011, we discovered we were pregnant again with Jai’la.

May is a beautiful month for us. With the weather warming and the flowers blossoming, its easy to remember the love between us. It’s easy to fall in love again. This month, I’d like to share some of our loveable learning moments with you. I’d like to share 31 days of what marriage is for us. Photo credit: digitonin via / CC BY-ND

1. Marriage is being able to stretch in your bedroom closet to make room in those “skinny” jeans while the hubby brushes his hair in his underwear.

2. Marriage is sitting on the toilet, tissue-less, and calling on the hubby to save the day. He’s the real MVP.

3. Marriage is understanding that the spouse you married 6 months, 12 months, or even five years ago is not the same spouse you’re married to now.

4. Marriage is embracing God’s gift to allow you to fall in love over and over and over again with the love of your life.

5. Marriage is having a partner to help carry your life’s baggage when it gets tough and being willing to carry their baggage too.

6. Marriage is having the same argument till death behind closed doors but daring m*****f***** to try one of you in public.

Photo credit: hang_in_there via / CC BY

7. Marriage is watching yourself and your best friend grow old together, count gray hairs together.

8. Marriage is always having a personal hype man.

9. Marriage is learning to accept one another’s levels of crazy.Photo credit: TRF_Mr_Hyde via / CC BY

10. Marriage is living the same day over and over again and being thankful for the consistency.

11. Marriage is an ever-changing dynamic between two beings, two souls.

12. Marriage is the ultimate adventure full of roller-coaster rides of emotions, junk food, and purposeful and purposeless conversations.

13. Marriage is often questioning the reasons you got married.

14. Marriage is also questioning the person you married.

15. Marriage is living for those moments of remembering why you married the person across from you and being terrified of a life without your spouse.

16. Marriage is having a best friend to enjoy life’s memories with.

17. Marriage is willingly giving up life as you both know it to create a brand new life together.

18. Marriage is giving up certain beliefs, ideas, habits, and even a friend or two in order to achieve your “happily ever after “.Photo credit: aftab. via / CC BY-NC

19. Marriage is hard work.

20. Marriage is constantly reminding each other that you’re on the same team.

21. Marriage is realizing that all issues will not be resolved, and that’s okay.

22. Marriage is being completely comfortable with being vulnerable.

23. Marriage is knowing that your vulnerabilities will never be exposed or exploited by your other half.

Photo credit: ubik14 via / CC BY-NC-ND

24. Marriage is beautifully blending into one unique entity.

25. Marriage is slowly becoming your spouse and vice versa.

26. Marriage is learning how to show interest in things you’re absolutely uninterested in.

27. Marriage is the ultimate life experience and opportunity for growth.

28. Marriage is a secret dance that only you and your spouse know, making it up and perfecting it as you go along.

29. Marriage is also a secret language between you and your spouse. It should remain secret.

30. Marriage is a club for two.Photo credit: Serendipity Diamonds via / CC BY-ND

31. Marriage is beautiful. Perfectly imperfect.

2 thoughts on “31 Days of What Marriage Is

  1. This is so lovely. I will be married 20 years in August. Sometimes it seems like it was yesterday. People look at us like we are some type of mystical unicorn and ask us for advice and say we are an inspiration. We don’t think we are doing anything special. We are just staying married like we are supposed to. It’s work. It’s a lot of give and take and picking your battles. It’s not glamorous everyday and can become downright boring but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well congratulations! I look forward to hitting the decade milestones. This list made me realize how much we’ve grown together and separately as individuals. I’m glad I did this and look forward to many more. Congratulations again and be the unicorn we all need!


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