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Operation Weekend 1.0: Mission Complete

My sister and I had plans for the weekend. The plan was to go to the Caribbean Celebration at the Embassy of the Bahamas in Washington D.C., eat good food, drink to our health, dance, and sleep. For Amber, this meant escaping her cozy, comfortable apartment to explore the hustle and bustle of night life in the city. For me, the mom of 3 completely different, but equally rambunctious kids, the wife of a particular military officer, and a working graduate entrepreneur, it was an opportunity to be free. We joined sisterly forces and took our weekend.

Weekend Preparation

Preparation for such a weekend is completely different for me and Amber. For Amber, it meant cleaning her apartment, buying groceries, and washing or styling her hair. No big deal right? Wrong. You see, for Amber, washing her hair is a long and tedious process. Her long, bra length crown of thick, natural, 4c curls takes hours to detangle, wash, condition, and/or style her hair. And us natural Prims know that hours equates to eternity in hair time. And spending an eternity in hair time means that a spectacular weekend will pursue. Preparation for me, on the other hand, consisted of completely 3 college assignments img_20160418_180146.jpgearly, as well as, work assignments. I had to make sure the mister had what he needed to hold the fort down for the weekend, and for this weekend this included enlisting the help of my mother. The car was checked and gassed, I watched Jai’la (4) begin to blossom on the soccer field while Camar (5) was distracted by the dirt during their morning soccer game, I listened attentively as Ashley (10) described new cartoon superheroes, and then by 12p I was on the road.



And so the Weekend Begins

I took the necessary precautions of taking a home remedy to subdue my sneezing fits during the drive. And surprisingly, a concoction of fresh lemon juice, orange juice, and local honey warded my allergic reaction to spring air for several hours. As soon as I reached Amber’s apartment, the remedy wore off, Benadryl was taken, and I was out. By 730p we were driving around D.C. looking for a parking spot. None in sight. Not one. For45 minutes, we drove around the same blocks praying to the skies above for a parking spot before giving up. Amber Cava-Grill_9423_1.jpg.optimalwas disappointed, and honestly I was too, but the Benadryl absorbed most of that disappointment.

So we decided to go to Cava, a quaint, Chipotle-style restaurant that serves authentic Mediterranean foods and beverages. Now although I had my palate set on Bahamian food, I must say this was an absolute win! It was truly a delicious, healthy, refreshing, foodgasmic meal!! I definitely was not disappointed and this made up for the loss that was the Caribbean Celebration.

We head back to her apartment, Netflix and chill for a while, and sleep. Check two off of the list.


All a woman of many hats, and juggler of many balls, wants to do is sleep in. And so I did. Amber decided to bless me with breakfast (bacon, eggs, and grits, oh my!). Win! The weather was beautiful, not too hot, not too cold. The perfect spring weather. Weeggspectation-at-ruby walked to Eggspectation. Remember Eggspectation? The scenery was perfect. The people were perfect. And although service was a little disappointing, the deviled eggs and lobster mac and cheese were perfect. Another win! We walked around afterwards, soaking in the sun, laughter, and culture, before dipping into the Whole Foods Market to pick up some items. Ever try a Korean pear? Juicy and sweet as pure sugar cane. We headed back to the apartment where I packed my belongings and we parted ways shortly afterwards.

It took me three hours to drive home through varying degrees of traffic. During that time, I listened to NPR and heard some inspiring stories; I listened to three C.D.s dating from 2005 through 2011 (you know, when music was good); and I talked to my husband who I had just began to miss.

So…Weekend Win or Fail?

There were five things to accomplish. A new experience (Caribbean Celebration), great food, great drinks, dancing, and much needed sleep. We missed the Caribbean Celebration, but experienced two new restaurants, one with cuisine I’ve never tasted. Two points. Although we did not drink alcohol, I was able to try Cardamom Apple Basil, a delicious juice from Cava, and CaFé Moka Nero Espresso, the perfect blend between hot chocolate and coffee with enough caffeine to send me home. Two points. Sleep, good old uninterrupted sleep. Yes, one point. Although things didn’t go as planned, I came home refreshed and enjoyed my sister as I always do.

Thanks, Amber!

Photo Cred: Prim and Prissy; Washingtonian, Trip Advisor

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