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Find Your Hidden Facebook Messages!

We All Love a Good Treasure Hunt

Within the last 24 hours, I’ve stumbled across two secret gems in Facebook and because we all love secrets, I’ll share them with you. The first one I stumbled across was Facebook’s version of “spam” messages. In this folder you’ll find messages from those who are not connected to you, or maybe so through a friend, either way Facebook decided these messages are not relevent to you and therefore filtered them. Yes, Facebook filters.

Here’s how to find filtered Facebook messages from 2006 and beyond. This method works from your mobile device.

1. Open Facebook Messenger through the Facebook app or the Facebook Messenger app.


2. Tap on the Settings icon. For android devices, it’s located in the upper right corner.


3. Tap on People, the second icon from the top.


4. Tap on Message Requests.


5. You may or may not have messages here. Either way, you should see See Filtered Requests in all caps at the bottom. Tap.


6. Boom!! Messages from people you do or do not know from all over the planet circa 2006 and beyond!


This is pretty cool. I have messages from Ghana and Uganda, messages from people I know personally, and spam. I may have wanted to get to know those from Africa. I generally love meeting and conversing with people from other countries and continents. It’s a great way to broaden your views and gain a sense of global citizenship. Those messages from people I actually know…now I know why they acted a certain way towards me. I needed to respond. Bundles of weave and other promotional messages, I can do without.

In short, I love a good hidden gem and thanks for filtering the junk. On the downside, I’ve missed great opportunities to connect.

What did you find? Stay tuned for Facebook’s hidden basketball game! It’s an addictive time-killer!

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