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Facebook has a Simple, Addictive Game Hidden in Facebook Messenger!

Earlier, I showed you how to Find Your Hidden Facebook Messages. Now I’ll show you Facebook’s hidden game also tucked within Messenger. It’s nothing fancy, no permissions are needed, no ads or pressure to purchase, just a simple, addictive game to play with your Facebook friends!

1. Open Facebook Messenger through the Facebook app or with the Facebook Messenger app.


2. Choose the Facebook friend you’d like to play with by tapping their profile picture or by tapping the “+” symbol in the lower right corner to start a new message.


3. Tap the Facebook Emoji symbol located next to the like button.


4. Tap the Bell Symbol to display emojis.


5. Scroll down. Tap the Basketball Emoji. Once the basketball emoji appears in the message box, tap it.


Voilà! A simple game to kill time with a Facebook friend!


Aim the basketball and shoot! Simple as that! Your high score is saved and sent as a message to your Facebook friend. A nice little end to a Facebook treasure hunt! Have you ever stumbled across something hidden in Facebook or any other social media platforms??

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