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Lazy Woman’s Guide to Survival: Ultimate Hair Treatment with Coconut Oil

It’s Wash Day. You know what that means. Thirty minutes to three or more hours dedicated to your beloved mane. Procrastination, mind preparation, tool preparation, pre-poo, wash, rinse, condition, detangle, rinse, deep condition, rinse, add moisture, style. Tired yet? I am. What if I told you you could cut wash day time drastically by combining a few of these steps with the use of coconut oil? Well you can and here’s how!

Lazy Woman’s Guide to Survival

This installment is for all of us (including men):

  • Students
  • Single Ladies
  • Mothers
  • Wives
  • Professionals
  • Young Women
  • Older Women
  • (Insert label for females here)

Wash day can be very stressful and damaging to your strands due to the manipulation taking place with washing, especially with sulfate shampoos, detangling, and styling. It’s not uncommon to lose a handful of strands during wash day, especially for those with kinky, curly, and/or coily hair. One method of lessening the effects of the sulfates found in shampoo and the wash day process itself is to pre-poo with coconut oil.

What the Foo is Pre-Poo?

The pre-poo takes place prior to the shampoo. The purpose of the pre-poo is to add moisture to your strands prior to stripping them with shampoo. This may sound counter-intuitive, but adding this to your wash day routine has its added benefits. Trust me.

What you’ll need:

The hair tools below my vary based on your hair type and needs.

  • Hair clips/ties for sectioning hair
  • Wide tooth comb for detangling
  • Spray bottle with water (may add aloe vera juice or oils for added benefits)
  • Shower cap
  • Hot head, blow dryer with bonnet dryer or diffuser attachment, or hooded dryer for added benefits
  • Coconut Oil (soften hardened coconut oil by placing jar in a pot of hot water or hand scooping into palm and allowing to melt)


Depending on hair type and length, you may or may not want to section your hair into four sections and clip or tie them. For Prims with kinky, curly, or coily hair, it is highly suggested that you section your hair for easy application and detangling. Once sectioned, lightly mist one section with water to loosen tangles. Applied coconut oil generously to the section from root to ends of strands. For Prims with flaky scalp buildup, pay special attention to your scalp as well. Clip or tie this section away and repeat with remaining sections. Cover with shower cap to generate body heat and promote oil penetration into the hair shaft. For additional hair shaft penetration, you can opt to use a Hot Head (a microwaveable deep conditioning heat cap), a blow dryer with a bonnet dryer or diffuser attachment, or a hooded dryer.

After 2-3 episodes of your favorite series, or maybe a quick nap, you’ll find your hair to be super soft and manageable with easily removable scalp buildup. At this time, you can step into the shower (or bend over the kitchen sink), unravel one section, and allow the water to run through your hair while gently detangling your strands. This is a good time to gently finger detangle while removing shed hair. Wash with finger tips or with a scalp massaging shampoo brush to remove buildup, condition, finger or comb detangle, and clip or tie the section away. Repeat with remaining sections and deep condition if desired. Voilà! You’re done with the wash portion of wash day!!

Benefits Recap

Just to recap the benefits of adding the ultimate hair treatment to your wash day routine, this will:

  • Practically cut the time of detangling in half!
  • Easily remove flaky scalp buildup from scalp without irritation or damage!
  • Allow for penetration of nutritious oils into the half shaft.
  • Promote healthy shine, softness, and growth.
  • Happy scalp, happy strands!


I personally love this treatment for my hair and my oldest daughter’s hair. We both have thick, 4c hair and this drastically cuts down the time, tenderness, and lost hair! My daughter has an extremely flaky dandruff (I mean like corn flakes). It has been recommended by hair professionals and pediatricians to wash her hair 2-3 times per week, but with shoulder blade length 4c hair, who has the time?! This method gently lifts the buildup without irritation or damaging her scalp and really helps with detangling. We love it! I also add my own product to her scalp after washing which also prevents the dandruff from returning.

I hope this helps!!





Photo credit: mealmakeovermoms via / CC BY-ND

8 thoughts on “Lazy Woman’s Guide to Survival: Ultimate Hair Treatment with Coconut Oil

    1. I’m sure that she can! Chemically treated hair needs moisture too and coconut oil can add moisture to her strands. I’ve heard also heard of women using extra virgin olive oil on their chemically treated hair too.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks for the advice. I’m willing to try just about anything within reason. She would like to grow out the relaxer and go natural without doing the big chop. Any advice on how to go about it safely?


      2. I transitioned back in 2001, before it was ever a thing lol. Then, I wore cornrows and braided styles for months before cutting the relaxed hair. Some folks like to wear protective styles with added hair for months prior to chopping. In that case, make sure to care for your hair periodically so that it doesn’t get fatigued and weak from the weave.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I went back and forth from relaxed to natural until I decided to loc my hair. My daughter sees how long and healthy my hair is so that’s her main reason for wanting to go natural. I’m going to apply what you’ve said to her hair and update you on the progress from time to time.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. You really have to find your groove with natural hair, and all of the costly hair products and “methods” can be overwhelming and exhausting. BUT once you find your groove, it’s smooth like whipped Shea Butter 😀😁😁 My son’s hair is dreaded, and it’s so much easier. I feel you honey!

      Liked by 1 person

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